How to include improvements into the purchase price of your home

moneypit, mortgage, improvements, purchase plus improvementsYou’ve found the perfect house, but there’s a small problem — it needs a few fix ups.  It’s going to take some cash flow to get everything completed, you ask is there a way to get done without being penniless.  Yes there is:

The Purchase Plus Improvement Program lets you add the cost of upgrades to your mortgage before you move in, allowing you to benefit from a low mortgage interest rate and make only one payment.

Depending on the Mortgage Default Insurer, CMHC or Genworth will depend on the amount of the improvements allowed:


  • Improvements cannot exceed 20% of the initial value of the property or $40,000.


  • Improvements cannot exceed 10% of the as improved value of the property.

Required Documentation:

  • Estimates will be required for improvements up front on each purchase plus improvements transaction my recommendation is contacted one Trusted Saskatoon’s contractors.
  • Improvements must be completed within 120 days at which time an inspection report will be ordered to verify the improvements are complete.
  • The inspection report is to verify that the improvements are complete prior to advancing funds.
  • Note an inspection report is only required for improvements of $15,000 or greater. If improvements are $15,000 and less, then paid invoices will suffice as proof of completion.
  • Improvements must add value to the underlying security to qualify.

Blogged by Elise Hildebrandt, AMP, Mortgage Associate, Broker Lic# 316103 at The Mortgage Centre, Brokerage Lic #315847, Saskatoon, SK.  She has been in the financial industry for 17 years. Please contact her today if you have any questions about financing renovations for your own home or your mom’s.   www.elisehildebrandt.ca.

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