Dorothy says it best from Wizard of Oz, “there is no place like home”

HomeEarlier in November, Genworth had a competition for children across Canada in grades 4, 5 & 6 asking them to explain what home meant to them.  It got me wondering what home meant to me, so although I’m older than what Genworth had in mind, here are my thoughts:

Home is knowing that when you walk in my front door you are always welcome.   That when you look at my place you will see an extension of me.

Home is knowing the freezer is always full at my mom’s – come on, we all go home from time to time, open the freezer and see that she has cooked those awesome blueberry pies.  She won’t mind if I take one home for the company I’m expecting.

Home is knowing that most of the time the conversation around the supper table would fix all the world’s problems, if only the politicians would listen to us.  And that if the Riders do what we think they should, they will come home with the Grey Cup on Sunday.  Go Riders!

Home is knowing that I can call home, tell my dad that once again I’m having garage door problems, the toilet in the bathroom won’t stop running and how do I blow out the sprinkler systems?  He says he’ll just come and do it for me.  Wonderful!

Home is knowing that most days when you call your parents, especially as we get older, we can advise that today I need you to listen as though you are my friend, not my parent … and sometimes they listen.

Home is knowing that when we get together for Christmas, the gifts aren’t as important as the fact we are all together and someone that day will sit down to play games.  It will most likely be a game of checkers and the grandkids may or may not win the game, but afterwards there will be a tray of food and treats prepared that will make us all fat.  Oh well, we will make the New Year’s resolution in 6 days to start going to the gym again.

Home is knowing that my mom has a cupboard of junk food that would rival Costco for selection, oh hold on, it all came from Costco.

Home is knowing that the light is always on and no matter how hard you argued earlier in the day, the door is always open and you are always welcome – you may not get a hug, but the door is always open.

Yes that is what Home means to me,  what does it mean to you?


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