5 Ways We Unwittingly Repel Wealth and Prosperity

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Studies indicate that we can actually sabotage our ability to achieve financial security. Here are some attitudes that stand between us and abundance.

  1. We’re at the mercy of money. Earning and managing money can be so challenging, we sometimes see money as negative and energy draining. This causes us to subconsciously drive money away. Instead, see money as positive, effortless and attractive.
  2. Money is in short supply. We assume there’s not enough money to go around and that we’re going to get left out. But thinking “shortage” helps create “shortage”. Instead, realize there’s an unlimited supply of money and we can get as much as we want.
  3. We don’t deserve to be rich. Since money is often tied to job performance, we think we earn what we deserve. But who can judge how much money we deserve? Take the judgment out and simply see money as an abundant resource.
  4. Getting money for money’s sake. Greed actually repels wealth. Instead, see money as something that will help you make the world and others’ lives better. An honorable intention helps create abundance.
  5. No plan for how to use it. If you don’t know what you’re going to do with money, chances are you won’t get it. Make a list of all your dreams, perhaps it’s to purchase a home?  Then you’ll have specific goals to work toward.

Guest posted by Elise Hildebrandt, AMP, Mortgage Associate, Broker Lic# 316103 at The Mortgage Centre, Brokerage Lic #315847, Saskatoon.  She has been in the financial industry for 16 years. Please contact her today if you have any questions about your mortgage and your options at www.elisehildebrandt.ca.  Do you know what your mortgage options are?  She does.

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